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Anto Viral Fogging Treatment
ULV Anti-Viral Fogging Treatment
ULV Anti-Viral Fogging Treatment

**NEW** ULV Anti-Viral Fogging Treatment

Safeguard your premises, home, office or holiday let, new build, new purchase or end of tenancy against all viruses including Coronavirus, MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis etc

Let Diamond come and use our state of the art ULV fogging machines which through a fine mist of powerful EN1276 fresh smelling solution get into every nook and cranny to kill hidden germs.

Keep your staff safe: With a return to work imminent your duty of care to staff, clients and customers has never been more critical. Let us decontaminate your work, home or holiday space for total piece of mind.

Our Fogging Machines can be used anywhere people are brought together in a close environment and our government backed EN1276, 13704, 14476 and 14675 anti-viral solution which is bleach free and non-toxic can even be used in food preparation areas.

The fine mist emitted from our machines spreads and settles into places that can often get missed or like computer keyboards are too awkward to clean and is residue free.

Rooms will need to be left clear for 60 minutes after use if closed or 20 minutes if left ventilated.

This is not as expensive as you may imagine with 2 bedroom homes starting from around £45.

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